Chapter 6. Animation

This chapter applies to all graphing modes with the exception of the stat plot, which cannot be animated.

Animation works by taking the variable, “n”, steadily increasing it, and displaying the new graph at the current n-value.

Any equation can be made into an animation by adding an extra variable, “n”, to the expression. The slider in the Animation Toolbar controls the value for n. Alternately, use the Play button included in the Animation Toolbar to repeatedly through loop values of “n”.

Qt's slider is only able to increment whole numbers. A workaround is possible and in the works.

Animation Toolbar

Animation Toolbar


Begin infinitely looping through values of “n”, and updating the graph accordingly after each step.


Pauses the animation, leaving the value of “n” at its current value.


Stops the animating of the graph and resets the value of “n” to the minimum value.

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