Chapter 1. Introduction

The Fung-Calc is an advanced, yet easy to use, graphing calculator. It is an attempt to create a complete, user-friendly grapher with all the features needed for easy viewing of the graphical display of expressions in various ways.

I began this application some years ago to aid myself in high school math. I included all the features I found necessary for high school math, and then later expanded the program to include features above and beyond that of your typical high school setting. Also, I found a TI much to slow and spent more time than I should have in waiting for graphs to appear (of course, a TI is much more convenient for in the classroom). This is a quick and easy application for all graphing needs. Reading the documentation is hardly necessary to getting on your way.

This project began as a simple application written in Java with relatively few features and graphing modes, and was later converted to C++ as a way to help me learn the language. It started as nothing more than a utility to plot a single function, and now has grown to be a fully featured 2- and 3-dimensional graphing application.

After I had written a simple function plotting utility, I slowly expanded the program to provide more advanced features. Many of these features were either not available in other open source graphing utilities for Linux or were too difficult to use for the casual user. Specifically, Linux needed an easy-to-use graphing utility that could animate graphs and graph in 3 dimensions; that, and more, is just what the Fung-Calc can do.

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