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    The Fung-Calc is feature-filled and yet still so easy to use.  Check out some of the things it can do:

There are several different types of graphs to choose from. Just select the one you want with help from a simple description of each and be on your way!

Take an inside look on 3D graphs to better understand the full nature of the graph.
Easily animate graphs with simple a simple animation toolbar and slider. Click "Play" and watch as the graph animates by cycling the n-value.

Easily display an infinite number of expression on a single graph for easy comparison in a variety of colors. Hide graphs temporary simply by selecting a checkbox.
Plot given data values in a variety of ways including scatter plots, box-and-whisker plots, and frequency distribution.

Using the Zoom Box feature, just drag the mouse to select a specific part of a graph for easy viewing.
Easily find specific values on a graph using the "Trace" feature.  For even more precision, use in combination with "Snap to Grid".  The cursor will "snap" to exact intervals for better precision.