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Fung-Calc Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AnimatorThis class provides an interface for animating a graph
BasicGraphPaints basic features for a graph such as grid, axis, scale, and handles converting between actually pixel coordinates and the desired coordinates considering the scale and origin
CommonGraphAn abstract class of which both 3-D and 2-D graphs are a member of. It contains abstract functions which both 3-D and 2-D graphs implement in their own way such as toggling the grid and calculating distance. Interface.ui.h casts all graphs into this base class so that both 3-D and 2-D graphs can be treated alike
DefiniteIntegralFunctionBasicGraph uses this to calculate the definite integral of a function
DensityPlotA class plotting the density of an expression using variances in color 'value' on an x-y grid
ExpressionA simple class for holding a few parameters for an expression
ExpressionGraphSubclass this class to create graphs that display graphs of expressions
FrequencyPlotA base class for a Stat Plot's plot modes
FunctionGraphA class for plotting/graphing explicit two dimensional functions
FungColorButtonA button for selecting a color
FungPainterA class to handle the difference in the coordinate system between a QWidget and the desired system of the graph
FungParserAn ad hoc expression parsing class which is a wrapper for the real parser by Warp (warp@iki.fi)
FungVector3-D vector class for performing operations with vectors in three dimensional space
GLBasicGraphHandles various OpenGL properties such as lighting, OpenGL events, rotation, axis, and scale. Currently this class is in alpha stage
GLExpressionGraphSubclass this to create 3D graphs based on expressions. This handles adding expressions, animating the given expressions, and such things
GLFunctionGraphPlots/graphs three dimensional implicit functions as "z" with respect to "x" and "y". Currently this class is in alpha stage
GLGraphEventHolds information of a 3-D graph that changes when a graph event is emitted
GLPolarGraphPlots/graphs three dimensional implicit functions as "z" with respect to "x" and "y". Currently this class is in alpha stage
GraphAdds a graph of the type specified to the given workspace and is a namespace for graph types
GraphEventHolds information of a 2-D graph that changes when a graph event is emitted
MathFunctionAn abstract class which is used by a BasicGraph to execute math functions such as definite integral, arc length, etc. In order to create your own math function, you must create a subclass of this which reimplements calculate_and_draw(QPainter *, QString *), and as the name implies, calculates the result of the function and writes what you wish to display as the result in the given QString pointer. An example of this could be "Distance = 1.44" when calculating distance. Also, a pointer to a QPainter is given which allows you to draw a visual of the function calculated. This could shade the area underneath a curve for definite integral, for example
MathFunctionImplementorThis class should be subclassed to allow a class to easily use MathFunction classes
ParametricGraphA class for plotting/graphing implicit parametric expressions. Graphs how the independent variable "t" affects the independent variables "x" and "y"
PlotModuleA base class for a Stat Plot's plot modes
PolarCoordA class for storing a polar coordinate and can convert it into other coordinates
PolarGraphA class for plotting/graphing explicit polar expressions. Graphs the radius with respect to the angle
RectCoordA class for storing a rectangular coordinate and can convert it into a polar coordinate
ScatterPlotA base class for a Stat Plot's plot modes
SphericalCoordA coordinate in a coordinate system with an azimuthal, polar, and radial
StatInfoClass with several static functions for calculating various statistical information. This class calculates this information assuming that the given vector has been sorted with elements ordered from least to greatest
StatPlotGraphPlot several different statistical graphs in two dimensions. These include box-and-whisker plots, frequency distribution, and scatter plots
WhiskerPlotWhiskerPlot for creating box-and-whisker plots