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Fung-Calc File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
animator.cpp [code]
animator.h [code]
arclengthfunction.cpp [code]
arclengthfunction.h [code]
basicgraph.cpp [code]
basicgraph.h [code]
cartesian3dcoord.cpp [code]
cartesian3dcoord.h [code]
commongraph.cpp [code]
commongraph.h [code]
cylindricalcoord.cpp [code]
cylindricalcoord.h [code]
definiteintegralfunction.cpp [code]
definiteintegralfunction.h [code]
densityplot.cpp [code]
densityplot.h [code]
distancefunction.cpp [code]
distancefunction.h [code]
doxygen_main [code]
expression.cpp [code]
expression.h [code]
expressiongraph.cpp [code]
expressiongraph.h [code]
fgccreator.cpp [code]
fgccreator.h [code]
fparser.cc [code]
fparser.hh [code]
frequencyplot.cpp [code]
frequencyplot.h [code]
functiongraph.cpp [code]
functiongraph.h [code]
fungcolorbutton.cpp [code]
fungcolorbutton.h [code]
fungmath.cpp [code]
fungmath.h [code]
fungpainter.cpp [code]
fungpainter.h [code]
fungparser.cpp [code]
fungparser.h [code]
fungvector.cpp [code]
fungvector.h [code]
fungxmlhandler.cpp [code]
fungxmlhandler.h [code]
glbasicgraph.cpp [code]
glbasicgraph.h [code]
glcylindricalgraph.cpp [code]
glcylindricalgraph.h [code]
glexpressiongraph.cpp [code]
glexpressiongraph.h [code]
glfunctiongraph.cpp [code]
glfunctiongraph.h [code]
glgraphevent.h [code]
glparametricgraph.cpp [code]
glparametricgraph.h [code]
glpolargraph.cpp [code]
glpolargraph.h [code]
graph.cpp [code]
graph.h [code]
graphevent.cpp [code]
graphevent.h [code]
graphtypeinfo.h [code]
icons.h [code]
interface.cpp [code]
interface.h [code]
intersectionfunction.cpp [code]
intersectionfunction.h [code]
loader.cpp [code]
loader.h [code]
mainwindowtype.h [code]
mathfunction.cpp [code]
mathfunction.h [code]
mathfunctionimplementor.cpp [code]
mathfunctionimplementor.h [code]
maximumfunction.cpp [code]
maximumfunction.h [code]
meanvaluefunction.cpp [code]
meanvaluefunction.h [code]
minimumfunction.cpp [code]
minimumfunction.h [code]
parametricgraph.cpp [code]
parametricgraph.h [code]
plotmodule.cpp [code]
plotmodule.h [code]
polarcoord.cpp [code]
polarcoord.h [code]
polargraph.cpp [code]
polargraph.h [code]
printertype.h [code]
rectcoord.cpp [code]
rectcoord.h [code]
scatterplot.cpp [code]
scatterplot.h [code]
sphericalcoord.cpp [code]
sphericalcoord.h [code]
statinfo.cpp [code]
statinfo.h [code]
statplotgraph.cpp [code]
statplotgraph.h [code]
usage.cpp [code]
usage.h [code]
whiskerplot.cpp [code]
whiskerplot.h [code]
zerofunction.cpp [code]
zerofunction.h [code]